MEN'S BREAKFAST | 630 AM | Men getting together for breakfast and conversation; they meet weekly at the Tyee. Led by Doug Smith.

MEN'S BIBLE STUDY | 6 PM | Men from various churches gather together for an in-depth Bible study through the organization, Bible Study Fellowship.  Currently in the book of Romans.  Group meets at Hillside Evangelical Church in Greenbank.   Jim Breiling is the contact person for this group.


MORNING PRAYER | 10AM | Gather with Pastor Dave and others to pray for our church, community, nation and world; meets in our church sanctuary.

MOMMY AND ME | 10AM | A great time to be around other adults as your little ones play and explore. Join Ashley Potts at the church for some time with mom's of young ones.


MEN'S BIBLE STUDY | 630 AM | Dan Currier leads a Bible discussion over breakfast each week the Knead & Feed.



DINNER FOR 8 | Join a dinner group of eight for food and fellowship; meets at various dates, times, and locations determined by those in the groups.

For more information about or to sign up for a Group, contact us here or visit us on Sunday!